Just really super-quick

I’m failing a bit at this whole blogging thing this week.  I got a lunch provided during an all-day meeting I attended today, and I think lunch tomorrow will be a sandwich.  I’m currently single-parent-familying it as hubs is away at a conference while getting a movie watched and reviewed for our local newspaper and the laundry finished up so I can pack for me and my son, and I join him tomorrow night for my own conference.  I have a Vegan Baking Friday! scheduled, but other than that, see y’all next week!  To make up for no new bentos this week (although if you’re new, there are over 250 of them by now, so scroll down and read through – there’s plenty to see), I will be hosting a giveaway when I get back.


3 thoughts on “Just really super-quick

    • Because I only post my lunches, it shouldn’t be too difficult, and usually isn’t. But with trying to finish up food before leaving, it was not possible to keep lunches vegan, which impacts my participation in vegan mofo. Should be back on track when I get home next week.

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