Hummus, gf sprouted grain bread, roasted beets, tomatoes


It’s exactly as the title suggests – hummus with gf sprouted grain bread, some roasted beets in a food cup, and some grape tomatoes. I also ate a pear. They’re so good right now! Easy put-things-in-a-box bento.


7 thoughts on “Hummus, gf sprouted grain bread, roasted beets, tomatoes

  1. Looks simple and great and lovely. Curious: what’s your favorite gf bread? The one in this photo looks great. I’ve tried tons but haven’t found one we love. Tolerate, yes, but love, no. Thanks!

    • Tolerate, yes. Love, no. If you’re in the US, I found a really not-bad one at Costco. It tastes malty and good, and toasts awesomely. If you’re in Canada, Udi’s (think they have that in the US, too) are tolerable when I’m craving it, and Silver Hills gluten-free sprouted grain is good, but only with something really delicious like hummus, or toasted. I was a former breadaholic prior to my celiac diagnosis, so finding a good one is a challenge!

  2. That looks really yummy. I love hummus in my lunch kit. 🙂 I also like the thought of putting beets in my lunch. You’ve reminded me that I need to go pack mine now.

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