Vegan Baking Friday!


These are were so gooey and good!

I was recently in Vancouver (did I mention it’s one of my favourite cities in the whole wide world? Probably only about 1000 times already!), where I picked up a package of vegan marshmallows, and I had to find a way to make something chocolatey with them. I settled on some brownies, and used the Veganomicon recipe. Seriously, if you’re vegan or vegan-curious and live in North America, get the book! The only adaptation I made to the recipe was to use my very favourite Cloud 9 gf baking mix instead of wheat flour, and pour in the bag of marshmallows (minus two, someone had to taste-test them!) instead of the blueberries.

I took the tray, minus the big spoonful I tried when they were still warm, to my staffroom. They were devoured. Awesome!

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