Let’s have a giveaway!


It’s about time I did another giveaway to get someone else going with bento. I have a box, complete with a food cup inside, a silicon flower cup, and a snack box that looks like a chocolate bar. All the items are brand new, but the small box and cup aren’t wrapped because they came in multipacks of goodies.

To enter, tell me what you want to see more of on veggie bento love. Feedback is good 🙂 The giveaway is open worldwide as long as you have an address that Canada Post can deliver to! One entry per person. I’ll close the giveaway on Monday, October 14th at 1800 MST, and will choose one lucky peep at random (using gaming dice if the numbers work out, or random.org if I can’t make that happen).


20 thoughts on “Let’s have a giveaway!

  1. I love the chocolate box!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I would like to see more salty and savoury cupcakes for a change. 😀 It's halloween soon, why not try a pumpkin cupcake? With some herb-cottagecheese topping or so…?

  2. I would love to see more details about the process, how long did it take you to put together and what was involved? Use any tricks to make it go faster? I’m always trying to stuff packing a lunch into an already busy evening so that would be really useful :]

  3. I enjoyed the post you did back along with about 3 days worth of bentos – it’s good to see what can be prepared in advance. Also liked to see your family bentos, and how they differ. x

  4. I would love to see more recipes and preparation. I’m using your blog for inspiration for my own lunches but being a first timer with bentos I’m not sure of what to buy and how to put it together.

  5. Oh that is lovely. Especially the chocolate goodies box is awesome. I already see the face of hubby expecting choc and getting chunks of carrot 😀

  6. I am new to bento and loving exploring on your site and being inspired! I am interested in any information on how to put together groups of food that are most healthy in combination with each other. also, i love easy-to-make indian recipes! everything i’ve seen thus far on here is great, keep up the good work!

  7. If I put broccoli in a chocolate box, do you think she will eat it? For a vegetarian, my kid eats surprisingly few veggies when they look like veggies. *sigh*

    As usual, I just want more! I’m going to be packing lunches for a long long long time, so every little thing helps! Thank you!

  8. I love your blog and have no complaints, but I came to find it during VeganMoFo, so the only thing I can really think of is more vegan examples? (: It feels silly to give feedback on someone’s lunches, though!

  9. Hi, i’d like to see more veggi snacks.
    i’m not veggi, but my bentos need some more veggi and snacks are perfect for bentos, parties and some more even if they’re healthy or something else ^^#

  10. I just started with bento and i love it a lot!
    I dont know what you could improve… I like everything!
    And i also really love the chocolate snackbox! I live in holland and its quite hard to find nice bento stuff here…

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