Sandwiches for everyone!


I included all three bentos in this post, as it shows me making variations on a theme to adjust for everyone’s dietary/sensory preferences.

On the left is my lunch for tomorrow. I have brie and tomato on gf sprouted grain bread, and a green salad. The matchstick carrots came in a bag, and I’ll use them for a kinpira-style dish tomorrow, but for now putting them on salad does the trick.

The hubs has some sort of deli meat and tomato on a whole wheat bread my son won’t eat as it has some seeds in it and I’m trying to use up, and a green salad.

My son has pbj on sprouted grain bread, and he says he’ll do his best with the oat flakes on the crust (as long as I promised to buy non-seedy bread tomorrow on the way home), carrot matchsticks (although he asked for a whole carrot, so let’s see if they actually get eaten), and some apple quarters as he can’t eat salad. I put some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the cupcake cup for him.

And the winner of the most recent giveaway is:


Osomaddie! I’ve sent you an email 🙂 Congrats!

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