Loving laptop lunches!

I don’t have a laptop lunch bento set.  They don’t come with cute little usagi (happy rabbit) on them.  They’re also quite big, and full of compartments that would need to be washed on a daily basis.  However, I do quite like their size and versatility with the sealing lids for each mini container.

One of my closest friends, Silena, got a laptop lunchbox shortly after I got into bento.  Silena was very clever and chose a black/avocado box.  Black makes the colour of any food ‘pop’, and the avocado compliments almost any lunch very nicely.  She shared a couple of bentos for her new school with me on Facebook, and I asked if I could blog them.  Thankfully for us, she most graciously said yes!

“Tofu salad rolls w/ peanut soy sauce, homemade granola bars, red pepper slices and coconut jellies!”

“Homemade hummus with lavash and veggie sticks, a boiled egg, gouda cheese, and a pistachio mamoul for dessert. The chick has smoked salt for the egg in it……Yummers!”

Yummers indeed, Eenah, very nicely done!

Oodles of thanks to Silena for allowing me to share a bit more veggie bento goodness with everyone 🙂