So long, and thanks for all the cupcakes!

After a lot of thinking and hard decision making, I need to start a new blog.  If you head over there, you’ll understand.  You can find the bento love continuing on at:

Don’t worry, Cupcake Friday! will live on in its new home 🙂

So long, vegan mofo, and thanks for all the black beans!

Well vegans and vegan- friendly folks, thanks for all the delish tasty treats over the last month! I’ve enjoyed reading some new blogs, extending my baking repertoire, and trying some new recipes.  For those of you who found me during vegan mofo, please consider that not all my bento lunches are vegan, as I’m just lacto-ovo.  But I hope you stick around, as I frequently make and enjoy vegan bentos. Stay awesome, everyone!

Just really super-quick

I’m failing a bit at this whole blogging thing this week.  I got a lunch provided during an all-day meeting I attended today, and I think lunch tomorrow will be a sandwich.  I’m currently single-parent-familying it as hubs is away at a conference while getting a movie watched and reviewed for our local newspaper and the laundry finished up so I can pack for me and my son, and I join him tomorrow night for my own conference.  I have a Vegan Baking Friday! scheduled, but other than that, see y’all next week!  To make up for no new bentos this week (although if you’re new, there are over 250 of them by now, so scroll down and read through – there’s plenty to see), I will be hosting a giveaway when I get back.


Hi everyone,

I have been having some health issues lately – nothing serious, but impactful enough that I finally got myself in to see my wonderful family doctor. I got tested for a variety of things, and one of them happened to be celiac.  Today I found out that I tested negative for everything, which is awesome, except for the celiac thing.  I will be going for a biopsy to confirm, but in the meantime will be trying gluten-free foods to see how I get along with those.  I want to point out that in Canada, the doctor’s appointment, lab work, and endoscopy with biopsy are all covered under our universal health care.  I love being Canadian!

As I take the time to deal with what this means for how I cook and eat (a triple whammy: vegetarian, low-fat due to having no gall bladder, and now this), I have decided to take a little hiatus from blogging and be a little more private about my food.

I enjoy blogging, so I’m sure I will be back, but for now just need some time to think, plan, and experiment.  If you’ve just found my blog, there’s just over a year’s worth of vegetarian bentos, with a decent amount of gluten-free offerings to peruse.  Pour yourself a coffee or peppermint tea and enjoy.

And as I posted on my Facebook page earlier today, coffee is gluten-free.  I will be just fine!

Yummy in a bento: Veggie burgers, Thug Kitchen style!

I have posted links and recipes to veggie burgers before, but my writing style is not nearly as totally awesome as Thug Kitchen’s.  Bad language alert, if that kind of thing is not your thing, but head over there for a great read and a tasty-looking recipe:

The awesome thing about this is that it’s just in time for the US long weekend!  Happy burger season.

I’m very attached to the idea that bentos are a way to show love and affection for your family… I’m now thinking hubsbentolove had better not pick a fight with me anytime soon!

In which Lizzie learns to deal without a camera lens: pictureless blogpost time!

101 meals ready in 10 minutes or less (maybe more if you’re not too comfy in a kitchen yet):

Not all the menu items are veg, but that’s okay because not all my readers are veg, and because those of us who are veg are usually pretty good at making substitutions.  Many of these ideas would be great for bento lunches too – quick, nutritious, and foodie-approved.

7 business days and counting.  Hurry up lens!