Cupcake Friday!


You know you make too many cupcakes when you forget to post about them for a couple of months. Our school colours are blue, black, and white. For the first day back to our school for teachers, I made three dozen vanilla cupcakes, topped them with blue icing, and some black and white sugar paper hearts (colour distorted due to late-night icing escapades and not getting a shot in natural light). They were enjoyed that day, but I forgot about posting pictures! Until now. Cupcake on, and for those of you who are also lucky enough to be able to call yourselves Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving!


Leftover fun time!


I’m back in the classroom teaching Grade 9 English, in addition to case management and functional academics for students with special needs. As I distributed worksheets for students with examples to work on, I mentioned we’d have some grammar fun time to start the block. One of my students said, “Ms. M, you always try and make it sound more fun that it’s going to be. I never know if it is actually going to be fun or not”. Oops – they’re on to me!

So I’m tricking myself into using up leftovers and calling it fun time. We Canadians have Thanksgiving this weekend, and I’m hosting I-don’t-quite-know-how-many people for a foodfest (I think 10 total, not sure, could be up to 16?). Fridge space will be at a premium once I’ve done the grocery shop for it, so I’m trying to eat what we have, whether or not it’s calling my name.

I have a layer of brown rice and black beans, under roasted sweet potato fries that I diced, steamed cauliflower florets, and oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes. I have safflower oil and balsamic reduction in the container for dressing. I’ll likely toss everything together before pouring over the dressing, but I like seeing the different foods on top of the rice layer here.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! You know you want a chocolate snackbox – one commenter mentioned how she’d like to trick her hubs into eating carrot sticks in the chocolate box – genius!

Let’s have a giveaway!


It’s about time I did another giveaway to get someone else going with bento. I have a box, complete with a food cup inside, a silicon flower cup, and a snack box that looks like a chocolate bar. All the items are brand new, but the small box and cup aren’t wrapped because they came in multipacks of goodies.

To enter, tell me what you want to see more of on veggie bento love. Feedback is good 🙂 The giveaway is open worldwide as long as you have an address that Canada Post can deliver to! One entry per person. I’ll close the giveaway on Monday, October 14th at 1800 MST, and will choose one lucky peep at random (using gaming dice if the numbers work out, or if I can’t make that happen).

Halloum, kabocha, mixed grains


I really enjoy halloumi cheese. It’s one of my favourite things to eat, ever. I put some on top of a layer of mixed quinoa, wild rice, and brown rice, with a little lightly steamed broccoli mixed in. I made some simmered kabocha squash, cooking it in veggie stock, tamari, and mirin. I had one tiny little grape tomato that I thought would do nicely for a garnish, too! I love how bento helps me make odds and ends into a beautiful meal.

Cupcake Friday! Grade 9 edition.


Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and sparkles. These were for my grade 9 English class for putting up with me being away at meetings for 3 days one week. One of my exceptional grade 9 students mixed the icing and spread it onto the cupcakes with a bit of help from me. My English class drew me a cupcake unicorn on the board in appreciation:


I love how there’s a cupcake on the unicorn’s horn as well as a cupcake riding the unicorn.

So long, vegan mofo, and thanks for all the black beans!

Well vegans and vegan- friendly folks, thanks for all the delish tasty treats over the last month! I’ve enjoyed reading some new blogs, extending my baking repertoire, and trying some new recipes.  For those of you who found me during vegan mofo, please consider that not all my bento lunches are vegan, as I’m just lacto-ovo.  But I hope you stick around, as I frequently make and enjoy vegan bentos. Stay awesome, everyone!