Cupcake Friday!


GF vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean icing. These cupcakes were for my best friend and cupcake cult founder’s housewarming, so what else would I possibly even think about bringing?

You know you’ve nailed gf baking when a cuppie appreciator didn’t know they’re gf and says it’s one of the best cupcakes she’s ever had. Then I revealed the deep dark secret, and she was very surprised.

Cupcake on!


Cupcake Friday!


I’m taking this and 11 other cuppies just like it to share at a conference tomorrow. Nom! I have pumpkin cupcakes topped with salted caramel icing and more salted caramel drizzle. The recipe comes from: and the only adaptation I made was to reduce the butter to 1/2 cup and to use a gf flour blend (but I’m not telling the cuppie-appreciating masses that they are gf – bad me!).

Cupcake on!

Cupcake Friday!


You know you make too many cupcakes when you forget to post about them for a couple of months. Our school colours are blue, black, and white. For the first day back to our school for teachers, I made three dozen vanilla cupcakes, topped them with blue icing, and some black and white sugar paper hearts (colour distorted due to late-night icing escapades and not getting a shot in natural light). They were enjoyed that day, but I forgot about posting pictures! Until now. Cupcake on, and for those of you who are also lucky enough to be able to call yourselves Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving!

Cupcake Friday! Grade 9 edition.


Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and sparkles. These were for my grade 9 English class for putting up with me being away at meetings for 3 days one week. One of my exceptional grade 9 students mixed the icing and spread it onto the cupcakes with a bit of help from me. My English class drew me a cupcake unicorn on the board in appreciation:


I love how there’s a cupcake on the unicorn’s horn as well as a cupcake riding the unicorn.

Cupcake Friday!


Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing, fondant flowers, and sprinkles. These were for a wedding, and the bride had red as her colour. I managed to tie it in with fondant and sprinkles. She wanted half the cupcakes in strawberry, and the other half in mocha, so I made chocolate cupcakes with coffee icing, based off a recipe she said inspired her (I used my own tried-and-true recipe). We used the same tip, flower, and sprinkles on both recipes of cuppies so there was continuity there. We made 13 dozen cupcakes and a cake for the bride and groom to cut – chocolate cake, coffee filling, and white buttercream icing with more fondant flowers flowing down in a river. I wish I got a photo of the other cupcakes as well as the cake, but you can imagine this cupcake except in dark brown and light brown… Cupcake On!

Cupcake Friday!


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing. These were taken to a potluck dinner. I’ve been helping a local restaurant with off-site catering over the summer, and the staff had an informal get-together this week. The cupcakes were very well-received. I ate just the icing off mine – these were not gluten-free. Cupcake on!