Soba noodles, tofu, edamame, salad


I followed about 3/4 of this tutorial/recipe on putting together a bento box from Vegetarian Times:

I didn’t make the ginger-carrot broccoli on account of not having either carrots or broccoli on hand.  I did have some washed and spun red lettuce and some bell pepper so I made a tiny salad out of that instead. I really struggle with going out and buying new ingredients when I have perfectly good ones kicking around in the fridge just waiting to be eaten!  Syrupy balsamic vinegar is in the bottle to dress the salad.

I also improvised with the shelled edamame – I just tossed them in some chili-garlic paste instead of having them flavoured with the carrot and broccoli.  Lazy!

Morning snack will be a Greek yogurt and afternoon snack will be a granola bar – one with chocolate chips in it, akin to what we feed children. Long day tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Soba noodles, tofu, edamame, salad

    • Oh my goodness. It is so good. Between the garlic powder, tamari, and nutritional yeast it has so much flavour. I used medium firm because I like it crispy on the outside but soft inside. I snuck a piece of tofu when assembling the bento and just want to eat it all now. If you only make the tofu part, it would be worth it!

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